Talon Placement is a Information Security/Cybersecurity exclusive headhunting firm making placements nationwide. Because Security is such a highly specialized field, I often spend time working with companies before a search, providing information on everything from salary ranges to job skill requirements. Security skills are expensive and that’s not going to change! I’m convinced that more companies should rely on a contract hire model for a number of their Security positions. Here’s why:

1. Security is a young field, and young professionals, especially in tech, are embracing the “gig economy”. Millennial workers make up 40% of all contingent workers. In fact, 94% of all net jobs created from 2005-2015 were “impermanent”.

2. Contracting is cheaper for the company and more lucrative for the contractor. Companies don’t have to pay payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, and workers comp, nor benefits like pensions, sick days, health insurance and vacation time. Even at an elevated hourly rate, companies save between 15-30% per employee on average. Yet contractors make more money and experience more freedom.

3. The company and the contractor can “try before they buy”. Sometimes even the best job searches and recruiting due diligence don’t work. Bad fit happens. A contracting model can provide a perfect tryout period. Did you know that one-third of contract workers were offered permanent jobs from their assignments, and two-thirds of those contractors agreed to join full-time? That fact alone is a huge money-saver.

4. Technology and the cloud have created the perfect environment for companies to widen their candidate pool far beyond their local market, while providing candidates with a huge range of employment options. Some Security positions need to reside in the office, but many don’t. Take advantage of a larger candidate pool when you can!

Hiring contract workers is a winner for many Security Programs. Call us at 615-614-8854 or email Chance Hoag: chance@talonplacement.com to schedule a chat.